October 27, 2009
Free Book. Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review, SmartBear Software.

Smart Bears…oooh, my favorite! The title of this book, “Free Book" immediately caught my attention so I ordered it from their online eCommerce web site page. They informed me that it will take 15 days to ship the book to my location. Lesser authors might be intimidated by the challenge of writing a book review before reading the book. That’s right, lesser authors.

This book is excellent for learning about your co-workers. It begins by informing us how bad we are at making software. Not just you and your neighbor but ALL OF US. Seriously, you all suck. But don’t despair! You can use the convenient “ROI Calculator" at SmartBear to determine exactly how much money it will cost you to get smarter and stop sucking at programming.

This book also teaches you to be kind to your co-workers when you tell them they suck at programming during a “code review”. Peer review can be hard. This is a fact that many academic professionals struggle with each day. Now, computer programmers can join that community of real smart people and feel crappy when their hard work is audited and ridiculed in the presence of their fellows. This book teaches you that during this process, it is not recommended to inform the programmer that they are bad at their job. It would be better if you don’t be a douche right at this moment. Save it for when you’re talking with your other co-workers at happy hour.

I look forward to receiving this book in the mail. I also look forward to how much money I’m going to make when I read it.

3 out of 5 of these things